Washing Machine Buying Guide

Before buying your washing machine, you should consider where it will be placed. Do you need it to fit under a counter top? If so you will need a front loading model.


You can choose a freestanding washing machine which is loaded from the front and is uncovered. They are available in large capacities and with their good energy efficiency they are perfect for family use.

You could also opt for an integrated machine, which is a front loading appliance with a door panel that fits into your existing units. When not in use, it fits seamlessly and invisibly into your kitchen.

It is also possible to choose a semi-integrated machine which is similar to an integrated machine except the control panel can still be seen when the door is closed.

Remember to take full measurements, not only of the space where you need your washing machine to fit, but also allow enough room for the door to open.



Cold Fill Washing Machines

The majority of washing machines today are cold fill models which has been shown to be more effective on stain removal as well as being kinder to fabrics.

While the hot water valve was initially removed from washing machines to make production cheaper, in fact there are economy benefits for the consumer, as it is cheaper to use a cold fill machine as you are not running the expensive home water heating system when you operate your machine. You also enjoy more effective results from biological washing powders even at low temperatures.

Those with solar panels may benefit from one of the few remaining hot and cold fill systems still available for purchase.

Washing Programs

These may vary depending on the machine type, however generally there are four main types, including cottons, synthetics, wool and delicates. While cottons need the most vigorous washing, synthetics and delicates require less agitation and wool needs much gentler treatment and extra water.

Many modern machines also feature handwashing cycles especially for silks and fine wools, a much better alternative to washing these items by hand. Many also feature low temperature mixed wash programs and even pre-wash settings designed to remove ground in and heavy soiling from items before the main wash starts.


Some washing machines allow users to change the temperature settings manually, so that a lower temperature can possibly be selected for a lightly soiled load while the program length remains the same. These machines will generally prevent too high a temperature accidentally being selected.

There are also some other settings which may feature on a new machine. Economy settings enable users to have a long wash cycle while reducing temperatures, while quick wash programs are perfect for small loads of lightly soiled garments which are required quickly.

The rinse hold option is a common feature which enables clothing to be left for long periods after the wash in clean water to minimize the chance of creasing.

Every machine allows users to drain out water without the need to spin in case clothes are required to be drip dried or in case something has accidentally been put into the machine that should not be there. Some machines will even had an extra rinse option, perfect in soft water areas or for users with sensitive skin.

Spinning Speeds

The majority of washing machines feature at least 2 spin settings: 1000-1800 rpm for cottons and 400-800 rpm for more delicate items. While most machines will automatically select the best option for the load, others allow the users to change the setting to a different speed. A faster speed is a good choice if a tumble dryer is to be used as it saves energy costs on running a dryer for a longer period of time. The machine will automatically try to balance the load before spinning, or reduce the speed for an unbalanced load.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a washing machine will vary from appliance to appliance, A being the best choice for best energy performance.

Usually, a more expensive machine will have better performance and a higher energy rating as it will have been developed to offer a range of energy saving features like timer delays to take advantage of lower night time energy rates and manual temperature controls to enable washing to be done at lower temperatures.


A top of the line machine will also be able to monitor the wash and make automatic adjustments to ensure best cleaning performance and energy efficiency by altering the amount of water, heat, cycle time and spin speed.

Will You Be Installing The Appliance Yourself?

When installing the machine yourself, remember to remove the transit straps and adjust the feet to make sure it is stable. If your flooring is in the tongue and groove style or is a suspended floor, it may damage your machine in the long term when it vibrates, as well as being very noisy. This can be prevented by placing the machine on a piece of 3/4 inch blockboard, cut to the correct size and screwed down.

All instructions to enable you to fit your appliance to your plumbing system will be included, however try if possible to keep all plumbing to the side of the machine to allow easy access. Take care to avoid bending or twisting the hose when pushing the machine against the wall.


Cooker Oven And Hob Buying Guide

Looking for a cooker buying guide that can help you to cook easily? If all you wanted was to cook properly without any worries and concerns for your safety, these are the tips that you should know about.


 Fuel supply

When you go to buy a cooker for yourself, there are many things you need to consider. Amongst those the most important is whether you want to buy a dual fuel i.e. electric oven or gas hob, all gas or all electric one.

Space and style

Next thing you need to decide is whether you need a separate appliance i.e. built under, built in, double oven, single oven or a hob or slot in cooker. Slot in cookers do not require housing. Their width is generally 50 to 60 cm.


Single ovens are generally easy to fit in housing. They are easy to build under the work surface or inside the kitchen column unit. Compared to these are double sized ovens. They require much larger space than single ovens and to fit them in your kitchen, comfortable height is required. So before getting them, measure the size properly. There are many individuals who like to have combination of microwave and single oven fitted together. This is simply because while cooking, the combination provides greater flexibility and anybody can work freely.


Electric ovens or cookers are considered as the best for supply of 45 or 30 amp. Under this range single ovens run at 13.AMP supply which has the least chance of short circuit or overload. If there is any issue then it can be corrected quickly and easily. Every cooker or oven that you want to install in your kitchen makes sure that it has been installed with the help of a registered engineer. You also should know that electric cookers do not come with connection cables.electric oven


If you are planning to install gas appliance then you have to ensure that it is being installed with the help of a gas engineer. When you buy gas cookers, connection hoses are not supplied by them. It is recommended to leave a space of 5 cm so that you do not get harmed in any case.

Flame failure device

Gas cooker manufacturers are obliged that they should fit such device for ensuring that if in any case flame fail, gas would automatically turned off.


For electric ovens, there are energy efficient grading which is responsibility of the manufacturers. They give grades to the appliances under testing standards through heating a brick. Grades are given from A to G. the product that has got grade A is considered as the most efficient one. Under this testing standard, gas cookers and ovens are not included.


Electric ovens

These are the most conventional ovens. The temperature is thermostatic in the middle and when the oven gets heated up, the temperature is set at the high and then slowly lowered down. You can cook all the types of dishes in this oven as well. It is just that you need to be careful while using this oven.


Fan ovens

These ovens have a complete different working system. The fan in the oven with it circulation helps in generating the heat around the oven walls. Temperature of the oven is even; it heats up quickly and helps in saving energy while cooking food. When you use high models, you can cook food with strong flavors as they do not crossover. The reason behind this is that air circulation breaks up fat particles and odors. oven3

But the main problem is that these cookers do not start cooking immediately. You will have to wait for more than usual tie required for cooking a particular dish.


Multifunction oven

This is the most flexible cooking oven. It has various options like grilling and roasting. If you like to have barbeque taste then this is it. This oven is also good for top cooking, bottom cooking and has option of defrost setting.


Double ovens

They are not only flexible but have extra capacity. They are built in and come in full size. They have fan and grill as well.


Slot in cookers

This is best economic option. These are not built in have an adjustable height and are very easy to clean.


Range cookers


Designing of range cookers is done to give hem a conventional look and can be seen in rustic kitchens. These also have a lot of features like twin ovens, gas burner, electric burner, hot plates, specialist burners, fast working, stir fries cooking, grilling option and thus very flexible to work with.

Refrigerator Fridge Comprehensive Buying Guide

Do you have to have a fridge with an icebox? If you have a freezer than you may want to consider a larder fridge for extra storage space. The larder will also automatically defrost itself.


A fridge that has a freezer compartment will allow you to freeze food for as long as you like. This will vary by the number of stars the produce received. Be sure to check the maximum storage time for safe freezing. A rating of four stars will the freezer will reach a minimum temperature of -18 C. You will be able to freeze some fresh foods.

An integrated fridge has a front panel and when the door is closed it will be hidden among the other pieces of kitchen equipment.


The standard fridge is H85cm but which is helpful if it is going to fit under the countertop. Tall fridge of H130cm will allow you to have more storage.

We also carry many compact fridges that measure H60. This is great if you need extra storage space for things such as drinks. We also have a number of wine cabinets that are great for those that are short on space.

Be sure to check and see if your fridge will go in the intended space before you place your order. Be sure that you have measured the space in your home correctly.

Fridge Features

There are a number of different features that a fridge can come with. They include the following:

 Auto Defrost

The larder fridges have this feature so you will not have to manually defrost them. If you select a model with an icebox you may have to defrost it now and then.



The fridge can come with wire grids of glass shelves. Glass models are more expensive but they will prevent they prevent spills from contaminating other foods. They are easy to clean.

Some fridges may have wine racks of bottle holders. Most have racks for eggs and compartments for butter. Shallow shelves can hold jars.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are widely available for the best known brands, but be careful when buying lesser known brands as if there is a problem you may not be able to fix it.


Temperature will vary based on models. Larder fridges can reach temperatures as low as 5 degrees C. This will also keep the cold air in when you open and close the doors. The fridge will soon return to its regular temperature.

 Energy Efficiently

Fridges have energy efficient ratings from A-G. A is the more efficient. Some energy grades use the rating A+ and A++. Trading Standards conducts tests on these claims and are responsible for the grading system of the fridge.

To calculate annual costs of running the fridge multiply the number of kW used by the average cost of electricity for the nation + VAT. Keep in mind the cost may vary based on the rates of the local energy company.

The more expensive the appliance is the more energy saving it is. This is due to thick insulation and automatic opening and closing doors.

Your energy consumption may vary. This is based on how stocked your appliance is kept, the location where it is kept, and ventilation. Be sure the doors are closed at all times.

Refrigeration products that are kept in stock with most suppliers do not contain chloroflurocarbonets which may damage the ozone lawyer. They are also free of hydrofluorocarbons which may have an impact on global warming.


If you are putting the fridge under a worktop there should be at least 2mm between the top, back, and sides. This will allow for proper ventilation. If there is not enough ventilation the appliance will work harder and will build up frost.

Keep the fridge in an upright position at all times and allow it six hours to settle in before turning the appliance on.

Be sure that it is kept where the operating temperature will stay within the boundaries as stated by the manufacture. This can cause permanent damage to the machine. If the operating temperature is between 10 and -45 C place it in a location where it can fall below this is not recommended.

 Fridge Freezers

This solution is great for people that do not have enough floor space but have extra room for a tall appliance. There are a number of different fridge freezer options. Do not rely on the thermostat to control both of these. Some models do not have compartments which are useful for chilled and ready meals.


Large American fridge freezers can hold a lot of food. They are tall and the doors are usually side by side. They are frost free and have different temperature settings. They may include ice and chilled water dispensers. Many do need some form of plumbing to be fully functional. Keep in mind they are large in size and make may a humming sound.

You can find which are the best ones to buy here